Yandup Island Lodge
The Kunas.

    Words in Kuna.

Hi, how are you? - Na, tegite

I want to eat - Mas cumbie

I want to sleep - Capie

What time is it? - Igi wathci nika?

I am happy - Yer an itoge

This is very pretty - Yer dailegue

The food is really good - Yer gunlege

I don't want to - Abe suli

Fish - Ua

River - Diwar

Is it going to rain? - Ti dani?

Chair - Gana

Table - Mese

Hamock - Cas

What is your name? - Igi be nuga?

Do you have any kids? - Mimmigan be nika?

Litle - Pipigua

Rice - Oros

Lobster - Dulup

Octopus - Kikir

Pineapple - Osi

Bread - Madu

Salt - Balu

Water - Ti