Yandup Island Lodge
Common Questions.
How to go there? Can I go by car and then by boat?

To get to Yandup, you must make a reservation with Air Panama by phone: +507 316 9000 or through their website: www.airpanama.com. We can also book the flights for you, just contact us. It is not possible to get there by car and then by boat, because the road is very far from our island and it can be anything between 3-6 hours, it can also be somewhat dangerous due to the distance and weather.

Exactly, where am I going?

In Yandup we do our best to fulfill your needs, but it is important to understand what a unique area you are visiting. Although the Kuna Yala comarca is only 45 minutes away by plane from the city, you will feel you have traveled to a whole different place, maybe traveled in time. This is a very remote place in the sense that you will see, hear and do some things differently of what you are used to at your hometown. Here are a few things for which we have “alternatives” with a few extras:

Our alternative for unlimited electricity: Solar panel electricity for lights and charging

Alternative to A/C: sea breeze that comes through your walls and windows + ceiling fans

Alternative to hot water: room temperature water + Panamanian tropical weather

Alternative to drinkable water: water that comes from nearby waterfall shared with the community + bottled water

Alternative to WiFi & Internet: friendly service + real human contact

Alternative to TV: Forget about everything during your vacations + full nature connection

With a jungle all around, I guess you serve fruits and vegetables all day long…

Although, you will see so much green around you due to the jungle and islands, the Kuna people practice a subsistence economy, in which they only take what they need for their families. That’s why there are no farms that can supply big amounts of vegetables and fruits for lodges, on the other hand Kuna people don’t cultivate a wide variety of products. We send pretty much everything by plane from Panama City, and a small amount is bought from the community. For this reason we usually can only offer one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables daily.

What type of food do you serve? What can I do if I have diet restrictions?

Our lunch and dinner menus consist on fish or seafood, with either rice, potatoes, green plantain, vegetables, etc. Our breakfasts vary, they are usually panamanian breakfasts.

If you have any diet restriction, we make a special menu according to your needs with no additional cost. It must be informed when the reservation is placed. We also recommend to remind the guides at your arrival.