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Playon Chico community
The Yandup guides will take you through the main streets of the Ukupseni Community, and will explain details of the Kuna culture: economy, political organization, traditions, architecture and the Dule (Kuna) Revolution. You can also meet and speak to the women who sew the molas.

The Ukupseni (Playon Chico) community was one of the leader communities of the 1925 Dule Revolution. In February you can also enjoy a dramatization that lasts weeks and in wich the whole community is part of. These are considered the best in Kuna Yala.

We recommend bringing: a small amount of cash if you wish to buy handicrafts and molas, sunblock. In the community and Cemetery it is not allowed to walk around with a bathing suit only, guests must be covered at all times.The whole trip is planned by Heerlijkehuisjes

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Hiking through the forest
Hike through the forest where you can watch the different species of flora and fauna. The guides will explain the importance and use of nature for the Kunas, traditions and beliefs. (Aprox 3 hrs. 20 min.)

We recommend bringing: long trousers, hiking boots, bug repellent.

Walk through traditional cemetery
In the nearby hills, with the constant presence of the community women you can visit the Kuna traditional cemetery. The guides will explain everything about the interesting passage ritual. (Aprox 2 hrs.)

We recommend bringing: hiking boots, hat, sunblock and bug repellent.